PPL Electric Utilities

With deep roots in the Harrisburg area, PPL Electric Utilities proudly delivers electricity to more than 250,000 customers in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties.

Electricity is essential. It powers our homes, our workplaces and our lives. Our job is to deliver it safely and reliably — day and night, in all kinds of weather — while providing great service and good value for our customers.

The Harrisburg area holds a special distinction for our work to improve the quality of the service we provide. We piloted smart grid technology here, which has led to a system wide project to install hundreds of sensors and other automated devices across our 29-county service network.

Smart grid technology reduces the duration of outages by automatically detecting them and allowing operators to remotely reroute power. Customers can be restored even before physical repairs are made.

We’ve also made it more convenient for customers to conduct business with us. We want your experience with us to be exceptional, the first time and every time. Customers can manage their accounts, report outages and get energy savings tips on our website, www.pplelectric.com.

We have a mobile website for the things like paying a bill, managing accounts or reporting and checking an outage status.  Our 1-800-DIAL-PPL line is popular, too, allowing self-service.

We also respond to emails, and interact with customers on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

Interested in being part of what we’re doing at PPL Electric Utilities? Visit www.pplweb.com/careers/explore-opportunities/.